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How do I request an opinion?

Who Can Request An Opinion

Any public officer, candidate for public office, or public employee in Florida who is in doubt about the applicability of the standards of conduct or disclosure laws to himself or herself, or anyone who has the power to hire or terminate another public employee, may seek an advisory opinion from the Commission about himself or herself or that employee.

How to Request An Opinion

Opinions may be requested by letter presenting a question based on a real situation and including a detailed description of the situation. Opinions are issued by the Commission and are binding on the conduct of the person who is the subject of the opinion, unless material facts were omitted or misstated in the request for the opinion. Published opinions will not bear the name of the persons involved unless they consent to the use of their names.

How do I obtain copies of meeting materials, forms, and instructions?

Many of the Commission's meeting materials, forms, and other publications are online. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at (850) 488-7864.