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The Commission on Ethics (Commission) is charged with administering the Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration System. The Commission oversees lobbyist registration, lobbying firm quarterly compensation report filings, and investigations of executive branch lobbyists and lobbying firms.

Executive branch lobbyist registration and lobbying firm quarterly compensation reports may be made via the Lobbyist Registration and Compensation Reporting System located at

Features of the new site:

✓ Register

✓ Renew registrations

✓ Change principals address information

✓ Cancel registrations

✓ Download oath documents

✓ Pay registration fees and fines by credit card

✓ Create and submit online lobbying firm quarterly compensation reports (if applicable)

Executive Branch Lobbyist Information


Any person who, for compensation and on behalf of another, lobbies an agency of the executive branch of state government with respect to a decision in the area of policy or procurement may be required to register as an executive branch lobbyist. Registration is required before lobbying an agency and is renewable annually. [Section 112.3215(3), Florida Statutes]

Lobbying Firm Compensation Report Filings

In addition, lobbying firms must file quarterly compensation reports.[Section 112.3215(5), Florida Statutes]

Deadlines for Lobbying Firm Compensation Reports

Compensation reports must be filed for each calendar quarter during any portion of which one or more of the firm’s lobbyists were registered to represent a principal.

Reporting Period Filing Deadline
January 1-March 31 May 15
April 1-June 30 August 14
July 1-September 30 November 14
October 1-December 31 February 14

A report, containing all of the statutorily required elements, that is not filed by 11:59 p.m. EST of the day designated is a late-filed report and is subject to penalties.

Contingency Fees; Prohibitions; Penalties

Paying an executive branch lobbyist a contingency fee based upon the outcome of any specific executive branch action, and receiving such a fee, is prohibited. A violation of this prohibition is a first degree misdemeanor, and the amount received is subject to forfeiture. This does not prohibit sales people from receiving a commission. [Section 112.3217, Florida Statutes]

Use of State Funds for Lobbying Prohibited; Penalty

Executive branch departments, state universities, community colleges, and water management districts are prohibited from using public funds to retain an executive branch (or legislative branch) lobbyist, although these agencies may use full-time employees as lobbyists. [Section 11.062, Florida Statutes]

Additional Help

Become familiar with lobbyist registration and lobbying firm compensation report requirements by reading our FAQ's.

For additional assistance contact the Executive Branch Lobbyist Registrar:

Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration
Claude Pepper Building
111 W. Madison Street, Room G-68
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1425
Phone: 850/922-4990