CEO 76-196 -- October 25, 1976






To:      Michael Stuart, Acting Chairman, Environmental Protection Board, Sarasota


Prepared by:   Roger Merriam




Are the members of my city's environmental protection board local officers and thus required to file statements of financial disclosure on an annual basis?


This question is answered in the affirmative.


The information accompanying your letter of inquiry indicates that the environmental protection board is an advisory body created by city charter, Art. IV, s. 18, and charged by ordinance with the following responsibilities:


(a) To foster awareness on the part of the public of the need to encourage business and industry to effectively control the discharge of pollutants;

(b) To identify to officers of the City, the City Commission, and to County, State and Federal authorities, air and water pollution problems;

(c) To study, develop and recommend (in collaboration with the City Manager) the enactment of ordinances and regulations concerning air and water pollution;

(d) To maintain a liaison with County, State, regional and national organizations and governmental bodies concerned with control and abatement of pollution problems and improvement in the quality of environment. [Ord. No. 1686, s. 3, 3-22-70.]


Enclosed please find a copy of a recent opinion of this commission, CEO 76-78, the rationale of which is equally applicable to your inquiry. Your question is answered accordingly in the affirmative.