CEO 76-194 -- October 25, 1976






To:      (Name withheld at the person's request.)


Prepared by:   Roger Merriam




Is a member of my city's restoration and redevelopment authority, established to provide the city commission with a land development plan and to recommend procedures for its implementation and financing, a local officer subject to the annual filing of a statement of financial disclosure?


Your question is answered in the affirmative.


Enclosed with your letter of inquiry is city ordinance 0-76-66, s. 1 of which charges the restoration and redevelopment authority with the duty


to assist the City Commission in preparing for the restoration and redevelopment of certain areas within the City of ____ the prime function being to study all areas within the City, evaluate the need for restoration and redevelopment thereof, and to advise the City Commission accordingly. Thereafter the Authority shall make a comprehensive study of those areas decreed by the City Commission to be in need of restoration and redevelopment and provide the City Commission at the end of the Authority's term, a definitive plan for said restoration and redevelopment.


Enclosed please find a copy of a previous opinion of this commission, CEO 76-156, the rationale in the response of which is equally applicable to your inquiry. Your question is answered accordingly in the affirmative.