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Officials who file Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests (Form 6) will do so electronically starting in 2022! There will be no option to file a Form 6, Form 6X, or Form 6F on paper.

E-filing has a number of advantages:

For the Public:

  • Form 6 disclosures immediately published and available on our website.
  • Enhanced search capabilities of completed disclosures.

For Filers:

  • Email communications and filing notifications,
  • Secure login credentials,
  • Guided questions to help you complete the form,
  • Securely share disclosure with your CPA or Attorney for assistance,
  • Amend disclosures electronically,
  • Save entries and log in at a later date to continue completing the disclosure,
  • Redact confidential or exempt information, when a public records exemption request is on file, and
  • Print a verification or receipt of filing.

For Candidates:

  • Create a secure profile and receive login credentials,
  • Experience the same features as annual filers, and
  • Print the disclosure for filing with your qualifying officer.

Form 6 filers will receive more information on e-filing in their mailboxes this Fall. Be sure to check this page for updates!