CEO 75-73 -- March 31, 1975






To:      Henry Czech, Member, Clermont Planning and Zoning Commission, Clermont


Prepared by:   Bonnie Johnson




Members of planning and zoning boards are deemed to be public officers within the meaning of the disclosure law because of their express inclusion in s. 112.312(7)(i). See also CEO 74-18.




What must I, as a member of the Clermont Planning and Zoning Commission, report and what procedure do I follow in order to comply with the financial disclosure law, part III, Ch. 112, F. S., as amended by Ch. 74-177, Laws of Florida?


As a member of a planning and zoning commission, you are a public officer within the meaning of s. 112.312(7)(i), F. S., as amended by Ch. 74-177, Laws of Florida. See also CEO 74-18, a copy of which is enclosed.

As a public officer, you are required to file a statement of financial disclosure on CE Form 1, a copy of which is enclosed, by noon on May 15, 1975, with the circuit court clerk in your county. Also enclosed are copies of CE Forms 2, 3, and 4, which are to be filed only if applicable, as well as a guide to the completion of all four forms.

We believe the forms and guide to be self-explanatory. Should you have questions relating to your specific situation, however, feel free to write again for an interpretation or additional information.